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Running Bare

She was running frantically, she was running scared and she was running bare. Dirty strips of decomposing cloth were hanging down her waist; but as she kept running past the …

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I balance On the sharp edge of deception An avalanche Trickery at conception Under valance The dirty deed in erection I balance Equilibrium Love, hate and apathy At the podium …

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Η γλώσσα μου χει βγει όλο το βράδυ. Όλοι οι γιακάδες έχουν φύγει από το γραφείο, έχουν αφήσει τους τελευταιους του γραφείου να τελειώσουν όσα πρέπει να παραδωθούν αύριο ενώ …

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Die Tonight

I want to die tonight, can cry no more tonight, can’t carry on alone on this night. My heart feels heavy tonight, My heart paused beating tonight, don’t think I’ll …

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Composition of Phlegyas

Wrath of Phlegyas

A daughter raped, A King enraged A God satisfied, respect that died. Cathedral in flames, not easing the pain, Eternally cursed, with eternity blessed. This is the Wrath of Phlegyas. …

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1. Raubenheimer VS the Superhumans

– Sir, you do realise that this is an emergency line, correct? Prank phone calls are being monitored and you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. …

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