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[audio:|titles=0. UNABLE COMPLETE] Judge: It’s been years we hear this: all you need is some mental peace! But you stand here accused for the hearts you’ve abused Lawyer: My client …

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“Abused” is my first attempt on concrete unit poetry. In essence, concrete unit poetry is a form of poetry where a concrete unit will define the formation of the poem. In this case, the concrete unit is the number 36. Each line is made up of precisely 36 letters. Furthermore, each verse is considered a sentence and thus, only the fourth line of each verse is allowed to end with a full stop. This means that the first three lines of each verse will be 36 letters long and the last line of the verse will be 35 letters long, plus one punctuation mark (i.e. 36 characters). Furthermore, strict riming occurs every two lines. I kinda like this new experimentation.

The matter discussed by the poem is not an easy one so please be warned that you may find it disturbing. Thank you!

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I the Vampiress

I stalk my victims in the midnight darkness invisibly covered by the natural blackness – this madness, entailed by thirst unsatisfied by water the warm essence caressing the delicacy of …

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