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4. Eurovision | In Euphoria

originally posted on FaceBook as Eurovision 2012 – the “Montenegro” Paradox Last Saturday, May the 26th, 41 European countries participated in the yearly music contest “Eurovision”, which was held at …

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3. Planet E | the Patient is Terminal

I was looking for a certain C# related post when I came across the blog of a fellow developer. The last post at the time I visited talked about the …

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2. the Life Friendless

Life is not a romantic comedy. If anything, it is more of an epic journey that oozes with dramatic fluctuations and foments peril. Nothing more or less, life is just …

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1. the Misanthrope | the Paradox

I hate people. Very much indeed so.
I hate people and I find no reason to hate myself for doing so, as I constantly find numerous excuses for my hatred.

Hatred, hate and loathing for people.

People. An entire web of reasons to hate the creator God for his or her incompetence in creating life.

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