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Infernal Mutiny: Reclaim the Heavens

Chapter Zero: A Shout.

There are Watchers everywhere. They’re prowling on the misery and the decomposition of the Divinity of Man, and they will not allow anything, or anyone, to reverse, or even halt, the pace by which humans deteriorate before the eyes of God. They are ugly, evil creatures. They are the worst parasitic elements of the entire Existence; yet, they meticulously follow their plan towards the completion of their objective.

They are looking for me. Each moment that passes, they scour the pathways of this Land of Torment in search of me, hunting for me. They want to rip the Luminosity from the depths of my Existence in order to stop me from warning you. I may not have much time left. I’m nothing more than a Reject now, but I have to warn you. I have to alert the most precious creation of the dangers it has succumbed itself to.

For the Son of Man has been malevolently manipulated into believing so many lies in the course of time. His survival and existence are fundamentally threatened by forces yet unknown. These words that I now write will be my sole legacy; my kin has to survive the times of eradication that are about to break loose unto all Existence.

I tried with all my might; I tried to stop it, I tried to alter it and, when everything else failed, I tried to warn the people of this Planet of Torment about what they were heading towards. Nothing worked. I failed to stop it. I was too weak and perhaps too eager to believe. For belief appears to be the key. If the Son of Man is to survive, belief will be the most powerful weapon against the armies that will march against him.

I tried to manipulate those manipulating me. How juvenile of me. Entities that have peeked into the Void and survived to fight for, or against its will would never allow my interception to get in their way.

I tried to warn you. I tried speaking to your elders, but they dismissed me as the truth that I spoke was not pleasant to the ears of those believing into the molested lies of the aeons. I tried to warn your leaders. The Void knows I did try, but they never shared an ear to listen. I tried speaking to your young, but they have been maternally programmed to dismiss all that is not maternal.

The only reason that I write these words is because I still believe. Not in the Lie; in the Divinity of Man. The Son of Man has to survive. You have to rise above your inherent limitations; you need to reach for your inner God and become what has been always expected of you: Gods.

If my words make you smile with compassion, if you chuckle at the mumblings of a troubled old man, if you laugh at my attempt to do what I feel needs to be done, you will fail; and the entire Celestial Existence will fall with you.

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